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2004 Wisconsin Quarter

In 1999 the United States began the Washington Statehood Quarter Series. They were to create a quarter for each of the states. Each state has its own unique design that represented its unique history, traditions and symbols. They released five coins a year, one about every ten weeks and were to be released in the order that the states ratified the constitution. The series was completed and released by the end of 2008. This series was begun to support a new generation of coin collectors and became the most successful numismatic program in history.

In 2004 a mint error was created due to a die gouge in some of the Wisconsin coins that were minted in Denver. This created two varieties of coins with extra husks on the left side of the corn which are not visible on the regular Wisconsin quarters. They call these a Low Leaf and a High Leaf variety. These coins can be found in pocket change and values for these varieties can range from $50 to $1200.

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